NEGURA "issue 4, February 2004 "

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NEGURA "issue 4, February 2004 "
  • Album: issue 4, February 2004
  • Year: 2003
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  • Romania

My friend Gabi is more determined than ever and thus we can hold a new chapter of his publication founded five years ago. I must admit, this is the most successful issue so far as far as imagery is concerned with a nice cover and elegant pagination. Well I find it natural since the one who made such was Dan F. Spataru. There are included as well some fashionable elements imitating German regular magazines (such as Ablaze!) but the result is really good. You can read a very good and long interview with ORDO DRACONIS, which has indeed plenty spicy details thanks to Rahab's interesting answers. I'd say that generally speaking the discussions' level is medium, with formal questions and similar answers, not necessarily interesting but simply a "plus" of information: PRIMORDIAL, THE KOVENANT, TORMENTOR, MORPHEUS, OBTEST, ENID, VOKODLOK. Well, you can find here interviews of half page but this counts less since you can enjoy 18 interviews in total, three articles of mythology and more than 300 reviews made by three distinct persons who actually form NEGURA's core. I am not exactly a fan of this kind of review as it is rather like telling a story not like an evaluation/analysis. The reviews are long-long with inappropriate comparisons amongst bands and in the end they are somehow boring. A great disadvantage is that interviews are indeed old -made in 2002 and so is a large part of the reviews. In fact, the magazine should have being released before my Kogaionon #8 but I suppose there were some financial problems that troubled Negru for a year and so. All in all, it is a nice professional magazine with CD compilation included and a reasonable price. It is a step forward and I am indeed happy for Negru. I am not exactly sure of what this magazine is desired to be... either an Underground one or just about to adopt the attitude of the commercial ones and when I say that I refer to the way of conceiving the texts. There is a strange thing: it is said to have 500 reviews but in reality... there is only half... and something similar happened with the previous issue when it was said about 250 reviews and there were only 100. Damn reality... always drags us down! Dear Gabi, I notice American commercial pompous marketing techniques have reached you too... One more thing: if many reviews are not rather "happy" I find curious and hilarious to notice that all Code666 releases are treated with a great indulgence. Perhaps because he is The Italians' exclusive representing dealer in Romania !!!! Negura Music, P.O. Box 8-747, 300334, Timisoara , Timis , Romania , ,