NEON DREAM "Anodyne"

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NEON DREAM "Anodyne"
  • Album: Anodyne
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: EQUINOXE
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

I'd say this band is by far the most promising band coming from the German label even if this is just a debut. The mixture of Gothic, Rock and Wave features a very complex and profound structure, with Dark references and even Romantic ones. Let's see: long imposing guitar solos, a full of atmosphere keyboard, melodiousness and the male voice reminds me of THE 69 EYES. After you listen to the tracks more carefully you come to think that a guiding mark for the five German musicians was THE SISTERS OF MERCY as the rhythms, accords and interludes resemble very much. For the sound to be even "tougher" the Germans have invited (for some of the tracks) a soprano so that her voice would bring a different aura, a certain colour and a more hospitable atmosphere. Anyway, I couldn't say it is an album focused on rapidity or a classical Goth one, because there is a successful fusion of influences from 80's and 90's, even if sometimes it brings confusion into the listener's mind... Bottom line: this is a music for soul, melancholic and apt to awake nostalgias... at least, those guitars... really kick some asses!