NERONOIA "Il Rumore Delle Cose"

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NERONOIA "Il Rumore Delle Cose"
  • Album: Il Rumore Delle Cose
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: EIBON
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Mauro, Matteo, Alberto, Andrea and Gianni have released the second chapter of the new challenge named NERONOIA. After a fulminous debut, I was expecting the new material to be mightier, more innovative... you'll be disappointed from this point of view, as the combination of COLLOQUIO and CANAAN remains in the same Dark Atmospheric dimension, enhancing the sadness, depressive yet melancholic mood, a romantic sadness, hopeless on certain sequences. On the other hand, the rhythm decreases even more its the intensity, the guitars are heard as an echo, the sound is rather Goth, and the keyboard is less present, the focus is on the poetic dimension, as the normal voice rather recites than sings... or whispers, or weeps... I even thought I'm listening to Celentano at a certain moment... maybe due to the fact that the lyrics whispered in Italian and Giani's low toned voice transcends the listener towards another world. In conclusion, we have ten atypical new tracks, less melodic and rhythmic than the previous ten, yet unveiling the same rapturous beauty... The new NERONOIA risks to be perceived as less accessible and far too slow... but, if I would compare it with any other band's music, I couldn't find any similarity because NERONOIA now has a sound of its own, independent of the ones characterizing the other projects that the members activate in... no doubt though, you cannot miss the instruments' familiarity...