NERONOIA "Un Mondo In Me"

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NERONOIA "Un Mondo In Me"
  • Album: Un Mondo In Me
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: EIBON
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Along so many quality albums that the last month has brought us, there was absolutely open place for another one! It is all about the new project of Mauro Berchi, the same one enlivening two other well known activities that do not cease to endure: CANAAN band and Eibon Records label. Mauro, alongside his CANAAN colleagues and certain friends from COLLOQUIO band (Gianni's voice appeared on the last two CANAAN releases, so there's nothing new) brought this very project to life. Surprisingly or not, NERONOIA sounds more Dark than CANAAN (you might ask yourselves: is there anything darker than CANAAN?), more depressing, with sombre atmospheric echoes (strange, yet alluring keyboard) that reminded me the superb project RAS ALGETHI; there are clear masculine vocals, with low timbre, rather whispered (in Italian) than sang, veiled in cold melancholia, romantic sadness, mental isolation! The rhythm is a very slow one, the guitar is rather CANAAN-ian, all the tracks are sung and there are no Ambient interludes... it is a suicide music... or a midst for enjoying the superb autumn that falls its veil upon us! If I would have listened to this CD without knowing the performer, I would have said it is a new CANAAN, this time one fulfilling all my expectations: a musical work from the first piece to the last one, with lyrics on every single track and moderate lengths. All these gathered together on this album's 10 tracks, yet the Metal scent is completely missing!

I should further mention that the sound's orientation (without vocals, except perhaps the first track) is one anchored in THERGOTHON or THIS EMPTY FLOW, but floating towards NeoGoth/Pop/Alternative, if you wish. That Dark dimension endlessly fascinates me, and the grave note given by the instruments' low tonalities also grasps throughout the masculine, sleepy like, voices... The sadness dominates the atmosphere, there is no hope, and the only loomed colours are the ones between the black and white contrast (that is if we fail into understanding them as non-colours). It is an album, at all complex, at all incomprehensible (as melodic line), maybe a rather continuous and linear one, with resembling sonorities, creating the perception of a neverending repetition... In fact, I am listening to this album for over three hours so I cannot know anymore if it is for real or it is just an illusion.

The important thing is that the tracks enliven a unique state, one in search for solitude, for isolation, for complete alienation from everything around. At least for an hour... it lasted three hours for me... somehow a long audition, don't you think so ? Who knows, maybe it will last even longer for you? It depends on what you are expecting from a sound like this one... For me it was an escape into nothingness... I still wonder if I was able left that realm for now!