NEUN WELTEN "Vergessene Pfade"

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NEUN WELTEN "Vergessene Pfade"
  • Album: Vergessene Pfade
  • Year: 0.88
  • Label: AUERBACH
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

It seems that EMPYRIUM's last albums have inspired others in their own creations, as the five young Germans are now presenting an acoustic Dark Folk sample, full of anchors transcending backwards to traditions and bygone times, veiled in mystery, romanticism and melancholia. These "Forgotten Paths" are strengthened by the professional recording and mixing done by the musician Markus Eck, in whose studio, Klangschmiede Studio, many bands have made their recordings. Despite its acoustic approach, the album is not weakened by the absence of vocal parts, as there is an enlivening execution of violins and flutes, alongside inspired guitars' sonorities, creating a dimension of their own.

Beautifully done work, pity for the shallowness of expression, otherwise it might have been a sensational album! I should add the fact that this debut has been preceded by the "Valg" CDM, released in 2004.