NEX "Zero"

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NEX "Zero"
  • Album: Zero
  • Year: 0.89
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  • Sweden

I've heard a lot of good things about this Doom Metal project and so I was very interested into getting to listen to it. This debut album, released last summer, has a particular beauty, that will certainly enchant MY DYING BRIDE, KATATONIA and also CANDLEMASS' s admirers (obviously I am referring to their early works)! The members come from more or less known projects, alike: FUNERAL MIST, WATAIN, ZAVORAS, CHAOS OMEN, OFERMOD, CORPUS CHRISTII, SUFFER, SERPENT, TAR, NIFELHEIM, IN AETERNUM, BERGRAVEN. The three musicians decisively prove us that Doom Metal is still alive, and not the ordinary but the true leaden one: comprehensive throughout its lent burdening sequences, with atypical rhythms alternations, various transitions, almost unending guitars mourning, a battery that defies any form of periodicity and sorrowful voices. I also see there is a DARK THRONE cover-version sounding winterized enough for a Black Doom Metal combination and that's all about it. I truly enjoyed the audition of these six tracks as they've transcended me 18 - 20 years back. I was seduced by the funeral march that can be heard on the background of the first track "Locate Zero".