NIGHTFALL "I am Jesus"

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NIGHTFALL "I am Jesus"
  • Album: I am Jesus
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: BLACK LOTUS
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

I had the impression that the Greek band has split! After a 10 years epopee beside Holy Records, the four Greeks had to wait another three years until releasing an album and this time under Black Lotus label. I have listened to the album for several times and I still listen to it... that is why I think I am not mistaken if telling I cannot notice great differences between what they have done so far and what they perform now... It is about a modern Melodic Death Metal, pretty colored, with lots of Gothic, Dark and Black profiles, clear and aggressive vocals, a common keyboard and some powerful but linear riffs. I didn't find it a "striking outcome" although I believe I couldn't reproach a thing as far as mixing and execution are concerned. However there is a remarkable track, "Treasures In Aramaic Tears", which, through the whole atmosphere... including vocals... simply turns my thoughts towards MY DYING BRIDE. All in all, this is a fine album which bothers not my ears but neither enchants!