Nightingale "Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow part IV"

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Nightingale "Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow part IV"
  • Album: Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow part IV
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Who didn't hear of Dan Swano? Let me remind you some of the bands he collaborated with during the years: EDGE OF SANITY (Death Metal), PAN-THY-MONIUM (Death/Doom), UNICORN (Sympho Prog Pop), WOUNDED KNEE (Hardcore), ULAN BATOR (Punk-Pop), DAN SWANO (Progressive Metal), KARABOUDJAN (Doom-fusion Instrumental), ODYSSEY (Power Doom Metal), INFESTDEAD (Death Metal), BLOODBATH (Death Metal), STAR ONE (Space Metal). If we refer strictly to NIGHTINGALE, then we can say that the fourth chapter is the most commercial and domestic one, a kind of modern WHITESNAKE with a great mixture of Progressive Melodic and Hard Rock, pretty attractive and pleasant to the ear. In fact, the whole sound is very melodic and rhythmic and I can't deny that all musicians are very gifted and with long-lasting activity in Metal sphere such as Erik (GODSEND) or Tom ( MEMORY GARDEN ). Therefore, the Swano brothers delivered, as usually, a positive Rock, slightly melancholic but digestible and I think that just perfect for a live performance. This is one of the sensational outcomes of the year!