Nightpray "Dreamocracy"

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Nightpray "Dreamocracy"
  • Album: Dreamocracy
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Asiluum
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Costin Chioreanu is known in the underground Metal scene through his graphic activities from TWILIGHT MEDIA. Also, many collaborations with bands from the whole world, including the most unknown ones, like FOSCOR or with ULVER, the legendary Norwegian band.

On a musical level, he’s active in several bands, H8 or DISCORDLESS being lately the most visible. NIGHTPRAY is a sequel to what he has been doing with SUBWAY NIGHT ORCHESTRA, a solo project which began in 2002 and ended in 2006. I remember Coro giving me back in the days a material under the same banner but that music was being a rather tangled soundtrack which did not follow a legible line… NIGHTPRAY creates in 2008 the debut album with a shy line-up, but “Five Hours Before And Sometimes After” was unexpectedly well received.

After 2 years, the guitarist Costin casts up a number of talented musicians with whom records the 11 songs. The line-up is: Mr S (SATANOCHIO, EXTINCTION ALGORITHM) - vocals and guitar, Marius Costache (DISCORDLESS) deals with the ambiental part, noise, sounds, Ana (PARACHUTE PULSE) - piano, Napalm (CAP DE CRANIU) - battery and the well known Clandestine (DODHEIMSGARD) at bass. It was very difficult for me to discern anything after the first audition. It might had been the Dark Rock avant-garde, but still… Black Metal, Post Rock, Ambient, Experimental, Rock, Jazz, Gothic... an incredible blend of influences exclusively inserted along the duration of these sequences. I’ve instantly recognized Mr S’ desperate voice, the bass sounded very good and the guitars seem to be the elements which lead this concept. The percussion part confers a formidable dynamic, excelling on “September Highways”… but let me take them one by one… the intro “Lights Out” outlines a dark atmosphere, perfect for what is next… “Stars Of The Run” is the song where the voice and battery are at their best, galloping with a rhythm loaded with melody, somewhat more Popish… the guitars remind me of CANAAN or even NERONOIA but also has references to the 80s Wave. “September Highways” is followed by “Falling”, another Rock sequence which gravitates around the aggressive vocals, with plenty of atmosphere, melody and rhythm, in the Goth Rock bands’ style.

After a short and quite abstract “Intermission…”, a song actually based only on Ambient samples, "The Long Distance Passenger's Anthem" shows us some similarities to Hardcore through a dynamic which often weaves with the aggressive Metal phases. “Shadow’s Apartment” begins with some low-pitched guitar riffs and then, on a percussion structure I already got accustomed to, the voice becomes again the main element… what matters here is that now are to be heard the first Post-Rock parts emerging from the background guitars which create the song’s relish… On "Black Coffee With Purple Dust" we distinguish the first Jazz elements, framed in a remarkable avantgardist set. Then everything becomes atypical and confusing, the song “Eulogy in Croak Flat” entangles us in an ineffable and bouncy rhythm… good things that the song is short ! The most well structured, expressed and maybe italic composition seem to be "How Many Days, How Many Fairytales", the guitars sounding astonishingly, floating from the MONO styled Post-Rock to the LUDICRA kind of Black Metal… actually, the battery sounds equally harmonious; maybe some more voice inflections would have been welcomed. Very beautiful song indeed…

The album ends with a certain outro, “Door”, in fact, a dialogue of the noisy but slow guitars with the slight battery and a couple of man’s whispers, the statement being here natural and well chosen… Overall, an album never heard before in Romania, extremely odd but an impressive Dark line-up, with many stylistic variations (maybe even too many), with an Experimental aura which can not outline whether the album is fantastic or bemusing… But “Dreamocracy” must be listened, digested and then dissected every way possible, because it deserves all the attention ! Especially because there is no way it would belong in no stylistic cliché but the avantgardist one… a smart music for introverted people… a genuine saga artistically expressed in an original way… I believe that live would fit into a theatre or morbid cabaret representation, something in DIRTY GRANNY TALES style!