NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II"

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NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II"
  • Album: Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: SUN AND MOON
  • Artist: 
  • France

It's a pity that this duet's musical views aren't correctly valued by the mixing of the sound. The harshness of the guitars shows an underground aura, but after several auditions, preferably with the head-phones on, it turns disturbing. The voice is also constrained, croaked and slightly forged. Aside that, all sounds like a FORGOTTEN TOMB copy, meaning a Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, pretty slow and melancholic from time to time. I admit it's the first album from these French guys that I'm listening to, but I know that their debut "Nostalgia" was appreciated in the underground scene. The specific NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION element seems to be the background guitars, and melody has a charm of its own! I cannot state that we are dealing with many contrasting shades in this kind of Black Metal, yet something is missing! Listening to it didn't discomfort me, yet it hasn't impress me either... it is an average album, spotting some intelligent ideas (saturated in nihilism and misanthropy) expressed in a diffident and at all original manner....there's a long road to go in order to reach SHINING or NARGAROTH's level, but the good point is that they're trying. Further on, it is quite appreciative and salutary the birth of a new Romanian (well, Transylvanian is the term they prefer) label aiming to promote Black Metal and I can say for sure that their first step is a correct one.