NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Weltanschauung"

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NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Weltanschauung"
  • Album: Weltanschauung
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: NO COLOURS
  • Artist: 
  • Ukraine

They are breaking up, they are not... a lot of rumours about Varggoth'a band have existed, a well-known musician with elitist, radical visions... let's call them Ariane. And yet he reached the album no.6, despite of the massive changes of structure and labels. Maybe these rumours led to the re-editing of all the albums, or was it a marketing strategy? O.K., let's talk about music. This album is more complex than all the other ones, simply the best, with a lot of new elements, with strong roots in Pagan, Folk and Ethno, with traditional Ukrainian elements, but excellently harmonized and combined on the own Atmospheric Black Metal stave. It's not as bombastic as "Lunar Poetry", not as flowing as "The Taste Of Victory", not as brutal as "Nekrist", but I know it has specific elements for this sound from all five albums. Although very long, the album does not allow you to breathe or to get bored, it sooner annoys you with a lot of non-Metal elements, and this determinates you to listen to it a couple of times. On one hand, the new chapter satisfied my fantastic desire to listen again a real NOKTURNAL MORTUM, but on the other hand, it's too crowded with unconventional torments, which tired me. Maybe I am wrong or maybe this concept was not very well structured, with the 12 songs they could have made two albums, with different manner of approach. But, sincerely, it's better to suffocate because of too much music than to draw every simplistic accord, fooling myself it could have been worse. And the recording of the album is pretty precarious... in a profesional studio and with a large budget, "Weltanschauung" would have been a bomb for the whole Metal scene, not only for the underground! Otherwise, the Ukrainian traditional elements sound very alike with the Romanian ones (because we are neighbours!!!), so you can realise why I am so pleased with this Metal mixed with traditional folklore!!! Really special... one of the most serious albums of the year! And I have another thing to say: Varggoth should have used a normal voice more, not only screams... if it's wedding, then it should be wedding until the end!!!