NON OPUS DEI "The Quintessence"

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NON OPUS DEI "The Quintessence"
  • Album: The Quintessence
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: PAGAN
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

The Polish band released the fourth album and, despite almost ten years of activity, I doubt they will get the expected recognition now. This type of Black Metal is not a new one, but when you complicate over the edge, it seems much less accessible and digestible. I've listened to this album for three times and I can say for sure that the Poles are very talented in handling their instruments. It is just that the 13 tracks arouse a state of madness that makes me doubt about the existence of any logic within the album, plus the lyrics are in Polish so it is impossible to understand them. For those willing to listen to an elaborated Black Metal album, also evoking other brutal styles, NON OPUS DEI could be a pleasant choice for the afternoon. If you want to comprehend more of their music, than you'll need a lot of patience that I admit, lacked me!