NOVALIS DEUX "Ghosts Over Europe"

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NOVALIS DEUX "Ghosts Over Europe"
  • Album: Ghosts Over Europe
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: BLACK RAIN
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

A very elegant release, from all points of view! I was expecting something nice from the Germans, but this album surpassed all my expectations! Less Folk and more Gothic, with expressive guitars and warm voices, NOVALIS DEUX sits easily in my favourites top for this year, probably due to the fact that the album has nothing reproachable. There is no Dark element, everything is rhythmic, melodic, with a keyboard in the background trying to brave the imposing guitars and the rather melancholic violin. It is an album at the limit of all things commercial, highly digestible, without complex scenarios or introverted phases, it is to be listened whenever you want, because the state of relaxation gathers everything under it. It is airy, breezy and imposing! There is nothing new, nothing original, nothing that can astonish... but everything is intelligently designed, with a lot of harmony and inspiration. The digipack is also quite elegant and so I see no reason why this album wouldn’t become a collector’s item! For more difficult days, where an edible music can do wonders!