NOVEMBERS DOOM "The Novella Reservoir"

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NOVEMBERS DOOM "The Novella Reservoir"
  • Album: The Novella Reservoir
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • United States

These Americans have a quite enviable seniority on the scene and I remember I've written some thoughts about them in my Kogaionon no.1, as they've just released the first album, a quality one, supported with their own budget! Influenced by MY DYING BRIDE, the band continued with several average albums, yet this latest release may bring them the long awaited recognition. Less melancholic, with Heavy rhythms set on a classic Doom Death Metal outline, NOVEMBERS DOOM now dwells on atmospheric sequences, clever guitar solos, contrasting voices, an excellently sounding and finely rhythmic battery. There is melody, acoustic, cold guitar, clean vocal, keyboard and perfect guitar riffs...all the needed elements in order to make this album a praiseworthy one! It's just that music alike this one is done for quite some time now, and I hope that these eight tracks comprised in one hour of enjoyable Metal won't be slipped least not alike their first five CDs! The fact that Dan Swano mixed the album and James Murphy has done the mastering certainly represents a plus!