NOVEMBRE "Materia"

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NOVEMBRE "Materia"
  • Album: Materia
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: PEACEVILLE)
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

There are times I feel it might be better not to review bands that I've been knowing for long years. Why? Because I have to turn on remembrances, as in this particular case I can't help bringing to my mind that, back some 12 years ago, I had send a letter to the CATACOMB band (I've been reading about them in an underground magazine) to ask for their demo and I woke up receiving an extraordinary album, one that ripped me to pieces: "Wish I Could Dream It Again". The cover was somehow strange, but the music sparkled at that very time: an inspired interference between Death Metal, Melodic, Gothic and Classic! I used to picture it as the Italian version of KATATONIA... later on, the comparison grain moved towards OPETH realm... and so on, the trio released other albums "Arte Novecento", "Classica" and "Novembrine Waltz", well promoted, especially the first two that have had a more active support from Century Media. Afterwards a silent time had come, there where rumours about the disintegration of the band,insinuating that Carmelo brothers are more concerned about their studio. Last year brought us the surprise, as the British label Peaceville, offered the band a contract, so I presumed the Italians have all the needed premises to enliven new NOVEMBRE chapters. The first one just came up and seems to be a very inspired one, despite some tracks veiled in monotony. Perhaps Carmelo's voice modulations do fizzle out now and then, and the rhythm change - overs, some of them far too brutal (see "Comedia"), might irritate the listener. Otherwise, bravo, we are dealing with a great album, an excellent sound, an imposing atmosphere, a genuine Italian voice that awakens melacholia when sings the English parts (using a far too high tonality), concluding - all seems well balanced and reveals a complex approach. The guitars are the key elements of the album, even if they turn wearisome, probably due to the lack of conceptual diversity. Finally, the orchestration is exceptional, the voice is a great one when played in a calm line, (but the aggressive inflexions from the last part of the album, spoil the dreamy chapter's equilibrum) and the album is a drop of a Atmospheric Modern Metal jewel.