NYDVIND "Eternal Winter Domain"

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NYDVIND "Eternal Winter Domain"
  • Album: Eternal Winter Domain
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: SACRAL
  • Artist: 
  • France

Here we are enjoying again a new Heathen Metal band... in fact, a modern Pagan Black Metal, full of atmosphere and melody, with epic echoes, hymnal voices and screaming ones, folk tunes and explosive guitars. This is more domestic than HELHEIM, WINDIR or EINHERJER but paler than MOONSORROW, PRIMORDIAL or SKYFORGER. Definitely, it is not original, in lack of authenticity but pleasing to the ear... This would be the sound created by those French musicians who are as well members in bands like: TEMPLE OF BAAL , BELENOS, DESPOND, BRAN BARR, HEOL TELWEN, ACROMION or NUNKTHUL. This is an elegant imposing album with some HIMINBJORG influences and I think it is different than all the sum of recent modest and primitive releases. But here from to assume it is a masterpiece... there is a long distance. Still I think the manner of execution is to be praised so... you better keep in mind this band and its name... as you may hear of it again!