NYKTALGIA "Peisithanatos"

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NYKTALGIA "Peisithanatos"
  • Album: Peisithanatos
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: NO COLOURS
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Three in studio, four on stage, the German band has now released its second album. For me, this is the number one and I can say that this Black Metal is excellently interpreted, rooted in the first two KATATONIA MCDs and scenting of WIGRID, ABYSSIC HATE or NARGAROTH. The voice reminds me of BURZUM, while a certain aspect reminds me of FORGOTTEN TOMB too, just as suicide, grief, isolation are the main themes approached by these Germans. The sequences alternate between rapid and slow ones, but the guitars play in the same Raw Black Metal manner, without any modern compromises or striking colours. Everything is veiled in a tormenting black-grey, contoured by a Scandinavian Black Metal, distinguishing solely by some brightly used guitar solos. Though there’s nothing new if compared with the above mentioned bands, NYKTALGIA proves remarkable maturity throughout their virtuosity, which is a thing to expect because the members also play in projects like KRIEG or STERBEND.