OBITUARY "Xecutioner's Return"

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OBITUARY "Xecutioner's Return"
  • Album: Xecutioner's Return
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • United States

The brothers Tardy and Trevor Peres seem to never get tired, so they keep on releasing one album after another. If Roadrunner closed up, the Americans signed with the British Candlelight and so we can hold a new material in our hands. Honestly, from the first accord to the final one I couldn't spot a single scent of new, as it is the eternal American Death Metal, without any shade of novelty or change, both in what concerns the conception and the interpretation. Maybe this album will be enjoyed by Death Metal or OBITUARY fans! It solely represents to me a modest album, lacked in inspiration, one that had to be done and perhaps get an observation note somewhere!