OBTEST "Is Kartos I Karta"

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OBTEST "Is Kartos I Karta"
  • Album: Is Kartos I Karta
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: LEDO TAKAS
  • Artist: 
  • Lithuania

The third album of these Lithuanians is the most powerful among their releases, as the sound gains freshness by veiling Black Metal in Pagan/Heathen War Heavy Metal raiment. The tracks are raised on a more dynamic foundation, entailing highly rapid riffs, martial rhythms (I would have called them hymns, but the Epic element is only outlined in some of the choirs), normal, yet imposing, masculine vocals, lyrics written in their very own language... everything sounds stimulating, bringing the traditional aspects on the first line! A stylish album, full of atmosphere and energy!

The Heavy Metal elements are primarily led by the guitars - they are OBTEST's music seal! Even if my ears haven't been flattered by something new, I can say these are very talented and skilled musicians! An album above average, by far!