OCTAVIA SPERATI "Grace Submerged"

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OCTAVIA SPERATI "Grace Submerged"
  • Album: Grace Submerged
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

This women band (except for the drummer) returns with a second Gothic Doom Metal album, reminding me of LACUNA COIL or THE GATHERING. I am not an admirer of their music as it doesn't impress me at all. It's a nice album, girded to the last detail, presenting Morfeus/LIMBONIC ART as a special guest and the rest is nothing but noise: harsh guitars, tearing bass, atmospheric synth, and Silja's voice is quite good! There are some slow tracks enhancing the piano and imprinting melancholia to the sound, a quite vivid and rhythmic one. "Don't Believe A Word" is an extremely slow piece, representative for what I've spotted above. The band's sound brings TRISTANIA or THEATRE OF TRAGEDY to my mind especially throughout the instrumentation... the feminine voice is the sole element that pervades, giving a warm touch to the album and somehow reminding me about the superb album "Mandylion"/ THE GATHERING. If the tracks would have been less boisterous and more focused on melancholia and atmosphere, OCTAVIA SPERATI might have impressed... but as it isn't so, I can only appreciate that five women (beautiful ones all right) plus a masculine drummer are able to prove once again that Gothic Doom Metal is an easy style to approach if gifted and inspired... as for the marketing, it is obvious they inflame the audience on their concerts, or is it not?