ODROERIR "Last euch sagen aus alten Tagen"

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ODROERIR "Last euch sagen aus alten Tagen"
  • Album: Last euch sagen aus alten Tagen
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: ARS METALLI
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

It seems like the German label prefers rather Pagan Folk bands! This very case is an eloquent example since ODROERIR promotes a pleasant Pagan Folk Rock Metal-for a first audition yet which, at a certain moment, gets rather boring. The truth is that the young musicians are able to introduce you an archaic simplistic world dominated by war and battle accents. The male baritone voice is strong while the female one has the gift of impressing as well as the sound of traditional instruments. Still, I cannot cope with the idea of mixing Metal with rock on a Pagan Folk territory as it only frames the sound and makes the audition at least difficult. I believe that if the Germans insisted on the Folk side, they would have finished a high quality album. Since they haven't, it simply is just another album trying to copy the old band CRUACHAN yet spreading German messages. I find remarkable the lay-out of the booklet and the included photos as well as the main page of their site: