OLD DEAD TREE "The Nameless Disease"

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OLD DEAD TREE "The Nameless Disease"
  • Album: The Nameless Disease
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • France

Manuel Munoz' team brings up an interesting profile of Gothic Metal! In other words, the assortment of extreme Dark Rock, Metal and Pop accents develops a style not necessarily original but definitely interesting both as concept and execution. The male voice's timbre impresses and its inflections are really touching perhaps because there is not a "struggle" to scream but a baritone tone... sometimes even recitative and those come together in a certain charm. From time to time, here it come a yelling voice trying to create that boring contrast used enough these days and finally ending in a "genuine fake". The instruments outline the most representative element of the sound namely the voice! And I must confess I really enjoyed such method! Otherwise, it is a well elaborated album with some avant-garde ideas which detach from the usually mediocre conglomerate of crap recordings yet with one complaint: in lack of dynamic. I'd say one single thing: the sad depressive overall note of the album comes from a tragic event: the bass player's suicide (one of the band's founder members). If we reconsider the fact that after all, it is just a debut, then we should be more indulgent! And I do believe that young musicians can benefit from our clemency. A nice surprise!