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  • Album: The Redshift
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

A new album from the Finns, with a new voice, more aggressive and seemingly more linear. After a well received debut in 2003, “Spirits And August Light”, which I’ve also written nice words about, “Year in Waste” hasn’t brought anything new, even though the band signed with Nuclear Blast. This way, in 2006 they record “Stuck Here On Snakes Way”, an album presenting a less progressive and less introspective sound, rather based on DARK TRANQUILITY Melodic Death Metal style, also making references to the early ENTOMBED. The new album hasn’t changed a lot, as it is highly focused on contrast, mixing vocal and riff aggressiveness with melodious sonorities, arousing a somewhat catchy atmosphere. The instrumentation is fine, so it gets obvious that the Finns know how to play, they are quite technical in the end, and the sound is crystal clear (Dan Swano is a reputed artist in his studio), all in all, everything sounds quite pleasant. Yet, there’s nothing new, as the new OMNIUM GATHERUM is a sort of a pendulum between IN FLAMES and KATATONIA.