ON THORNS I LAY "Angeldust"

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ON THORNS I LAY "Angeldust"
  • Album: Angeldust
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: BLACK LOTUS
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

Right after the failure experienced with their last album released at Holy Records, I thought that the Greeks gave up Metal for the sake of Disco music. I knew they graduated from Bucharest University but here from their history completely disappeared from my life. I guess this new material kind of took me by surprise since my expectations would have covered at best a danceable music. Ah, it is true, we are not far from this area either but it is better since Stefanos and Chris have come to better senses and a more Metal sound. Let's say this is a ballad-album presided over a commercial aura with melancholic nice tunes, a kind of what is PARADISE LOST now plus multiple female vocals, violins and all kind of male vocals from brutal to Pop possibilities. I wasn't bothered of this material and I think it is better than the former one but however this band's evolution embraced a sound away too distanced from my Metal tastes! It is as well a kind of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY but at a different scale! I believe their music turned now into an entertainment and not a serious one. How else could it be since this Atmospheric Metal oscillates between Gothic, Electro, Pop and slight shadows of Doom Metal with calm riffs, a monotonous simplistic and linear battery! Onthornsilay92@hotmail.com