ON THORNS I LAY "Egocentric"

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ON THORNS I LAY "Egocentric"
  • Album: Egocentric
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: BLACK LOTUS
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

Here we are... holding the sixth album of these four musicians! I must admit that OTIL offered us pretty various sonorities so far... from Progressive, Experimental or Doom Death to Pop, Rock or Gothic... sometimes rather too commercial. The new outcome seems to be more Metal than the previous one with an emphasized Dark note... something in KATATONIA's style, with Depressive shades but still as Melodic as ever and still digestible. I guess they come out now with a more coherent approach, even if not exactly original, with clear pleasant vocals featuring female ones as well so that the sound would borrow some new colors. I actually don't know if these are the most appropriate colors but... anyway... who am I to judge?! Guitars play somewhere at the limit of Rock and Metal and the vocals are in the control of the whole sound... while the battery hardly gets noticeable. Perhaps there are some pale echoes of OPETH but... over a panoramic view... the album impresses thanks to its melancholic aura elegantly outlined inside some passages. I think this is a material to please the fans of KATATONIA's last album, for example...