OPETH "Damnation"

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OPETH "Damnation"
  • Album: Damnation
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Apogee... madness... splendour... perfection! This is by far the album of the year! Mike has finally decided to give up almost completely to the throaty vocals and so we can experience and enjoy an exceptional musical jewel! At the limit of Metal next to Rock, on a stunning Progressive background embraced by Dark shadows and with a strong nostalgic effect, scattered with Blues echoes, OPETH reveals a new face of its music with hallucinate tunes, meditative sombre atmosphere... all put together into a Classic Rock note featuring a 70's intervention but harmoniously and originally arranged. Although recorded in the same time with "Deliverance", this material is rather a Non-Metal album, definitely with no common points with its twin brother proving in fact that OPETH's maturity only now came to be outlined. Mike's clear voice simply ravages the calm and relaxing guitar tunes and, along with the keyboard, accurately delineates the sound's stylistic rhythm. This is one of the few albums that lately let me speechless and therefore I rate it (any doubts???) at maximum level! Mike, congratulations! It seems like Steven Wilson's mastery powers (PORCUPINE TREE) left a serious and strong fingerprint on the band's inspiration! And when I think that Mike got married this summer... I can only imagine that the new album would be in the same manner!
I cannot wait!