ORAKLE "Tourments & Perdition"

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ORAKLE "Tourments & Perdition"
  • Album: Tourments & Perdition
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • France

I remember that I had good things to say about their 2004 debut „Uni Aux Cimes”. Very good and technical instrumentalists, with a remarkable symphonic note on a quite rapid and atmospheric Black Metal sound, ORAKLE continues on the same path, but this time closer, more resembling to the one of their inspirational band, ARCTURUS. Black Metal in EMPEROR style, transformed with a bombastic avant-garde touch, where the rhythm changeovers have their own charm. The fact that the voices also oscillate enhances an interesting orchestral/theatrical dimension, and the guitars are well heard, same with the drums, while the synth bewilders us with the specific wrappings; everything sounds quite clear and complex. This album seems dominated by guitar riffs and solos, developing an original mixture of melody and aggressiveness. A very beautiful and technical album! From ATHEIST or CYNIC, to the angriest Black lovers open to Progressive influences, ORAKLE shows that they are a replica of ARCTURUS, but in French version… the lyrics are sung in Balzac’s language, and thus framing a distinct form of Metal! orakle.free.fr