ORANSSI PAZUZU "Kosmonument"

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ORANSSI PAZUZU "Kosmonument"
  • Album: Kosmonument
  • Year: 2011
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

From Finland, ORANSSI PAZUZU climax with their new album which offers a mix of Occult, Psychedelic, Progressive and Heavy Black Metal of a staggering beauty. The Finns’ music ranges from the Nordic Aggressive Black Metal we all know to Rock touches from the ’70 which reminds the listener of the Space Rock movement, dreamy and eerie. Oh and the vocals are so Dark and Evil. The band hasn’t been around much, at least not under this name, so they have out only two albums and a Split record. They have performed live a couple of times, but not in Finland. I don’t even know what I like best: the synthesizer who makes you see shadows and shapes in a perpetual, chaotic but imperceptible movement (in the DARK BUDDHA RISING vein) or the guitar riffs with their obsessive repeats driving you insane. The drums are sort of tribal, so tribal in fact that on ”Komeetta” I can see myself in Haiti during some Voodoo rituals. It’s probably the most catchy and”normal” song of the 10. The fast ”Uusi Olento Nousee” reminds me of the extraordinary artsy song composed by ARCTURUS, a decade ago. On”Radical Cut” Ihsahn’s voice follows the Infernal Black Metal pattern. The bass is very present and very playful providing the music with a lot of weight and a very Dark dimension. ”Andromeda” reaches a cosmic eerie dimension, as the background vocals help create a bleak atmosphere, while the bass fools you into thinking that the song is going to be slow, heavy and psychedelic....maybe the slow version of DARKSPACE. ”Luputon Tuntematon” embraces aggressive inner feelings again, driving home the possibilty that Black Metal can become an awakening from sleep and dreams. ”Maavaltimo” is almost a Space Rock song, and certifies that ORANSSI PAZUZU is an innovative, spectacular band that should blow away the Metal scene, as ALCEST did two year ago, after they started playing live.

The 66 minutes of music seemed to be detached from a movie, a story, another life. I recommand you this band from all my heart and I can honestly say that in 2011 only 2 Black Metal albums made it to my favourite list: ”Mammal” and ”Kosmonument”.