ORCIVUS "Consummatum Est"

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ORCIVUS "Consummatum Est"
  • Album: Consummatum Est
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

With an intense religious concept, rather satanist than antichristian, Perditor and Mortifer release their debut album after almost two years since the project has been born. Their Black Metal is one that copies GORGOROTH or even WATAIN, bringing nothing new at all. The music is of good quality, there are strong and aggressive voices, some Gregorian incantations, a few scents of religious elements and for the rest... Scandinavian Black Metal, consistent, virtuous and serious. I haven't been very enchanted by the album, but I cannot say it's one to be neglected either. It's just another quality and trendy album, one that will surely satisfy the expectations of the most exigent Unholy Black Metal fans. www.orcivus.com