ORDINUL NEGRU "The Black Order"

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ORDINUL NEGRU "The Black Order"
  • Album: The Black Order
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Another older material, but one that has to be reminded though because it is made by Fulmineos, the one around who are gravitating projects alike ULTIMA CANDELA, ARGUS MEGERE, FOGLAND, EKASIA, NOCTURNAL INVOCATION, LIFEWOOD, CURSED CEMETARY and BANATIAN DARKNESS label. In this particular case we can only uncover Black Metal in its early version, nothing interesting, just primitive guitars riffs and quite long tracks. I couldn't understand much out of this material, despite the elegant digipack. I remember the old ILDJARN, and ORDINUL NEGRU seems to sound alike. But why should we sing that the Norwegians have no clue about it... That's the exact manner in which NEGURA BUNGET started and afterwards they've orientated towards a traditional sound. Well, we are dealing with an hour album, presenting old fashioned Black Metal and nothing else. Just like ARGUS MEGERE, the voice mostly disconcerts the sound, because the instruments are ok. Another face of Fulmineos can be experienced in EKASIA project, where the sound is more experimental, and the influences come from Einsturzende Neubauten, BEHERIT (Ambient) or Diabolos Rising. I understood that FOGLAND was successful too through "Quasiascetica" album, because of a more complex and evolved sound (innovative too due to the influences mixing), maybe more atmospheric and rhythmic, with odd feminine vocals and masculine ones scenting of BURZUM and others sounding alike QUORTHON/BATHORY, plus bombastic keyboard and various elements more inspiringly contoured than within any of his other projects. Considering the fact that many ideas and projects rotate around a single person, I consider it's good to appreciate this activity, even though ten years ago I would have not grant a chance to the ridiculous demos released by Emy.