ORLOG "Reinigende Feuer"

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ORLOG "Reinigende Feuer"
  • Album: Reinigende Feuer
  • Year: 2011
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Here we have the possibility to find a genuine German Black Metal band, with a mighty demonic vocal, enhancing huge energy! If I add that the guitars play alert and very dynamic rhythms, along with an unstoppable battery you have the perfect image over this hellish album! Everything sounds fine, all reaches superlative, except originality! There are scarce rhythm changes on this album, it is in fact a linear one, but we can discover a superb instrumental track, "Stille"! It is pretty long, very well conceived and interpreted, strewed with distinct fragments, including Epic elements generated by the guitars solos, as some acoustic frames are special indeed. In conclusion, it is a violent album, certainly satisfying the angriest Black admirers! Still, there is nothing more to it. Maybe the next release will bring more!