Orphaned Land "Mabool (The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven"

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Orphaned Land "Mabool (The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven"
  • Album: Mabool (The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Israel

It took over eight years to enjoy again a new album of these musicians! I admit I am a big admirer of OL and their first album never leaves my car. Even if the new approach is pretty shocking... after an attentive listening I came to discover that the new album is a brilliant one! Very complex, built on a proper Metal structure, the five trespass almost all Metal styles, from aggressive brutal Black Metal, encountering Dark Doom or Atmospheric frames to Progressive as a final destination. If it is to be a more detailed analysis I'd say that neither Psychedelic Rock influences nor Jazz frames miss from the picture. And for complete scenery... the amazing element is none other than traditional music overwhelming the entire sound throughout oriental instruments of great value and importance! Ahhh, I forgot to tell you that amongst guitars, battery, synth, piano, cello, violins, Oud, Bouzouki or Saz, there are to be noticed remarkable impressive female choirs, diverse voices from aggressive and brutal ones to chanted melodic intoned or whispered ones! After listening to the album for more than a few times, you come to realize that it actually is the most melodic one in the band's history and in the same time a transit album making a passing from aggressive Metal, based on Death/Black Metal, to a modern calm melodic and digestible Metal. I believe it is the most complex album I have listened to in the past years and probably such is granted by the stylistic synthesis featured inside. It is, if you prefer, a kind of overpass between the music they started to play 12 years ago and the characteristic sound of today. Most certainly, a new album would bring other major changes and probably the structure would be a Progressive one in which Kobi's voice might leave all extreme profiles. We shall live and see!