ORPLID "Greifenherz"

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ORPLID "Greifenherz"
  • Album: Greifenherz
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: AUERBACH
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

The Germans forth album is, by far, the most innovative, dynamic and avant-garde of the lot! Frank Machaus’ voice is powerful and with an impressive low tonality, the instruments are marking an orientation towards Martial, the atmosphere is colder and darker, I could even say glacial, everything sounds somewhere between DEATH IN JUNE and JOY DIVISION – as the tracks structure and not the actual musicality. A female voice makes its appearance on two of the tracks, one of them actually being dedicated to the legendary Norwegian Black Metal band IMMORTAL. It is obvious that this album will revolutionise the current scene and there will be a risk of losing some more traditionalist fans due to their new statistical approach. Hopefully they will gain a different segment as well, as the album truly deserves all the attention it can get, especially as we are talking about 14 different tracks, diversified, full of interesting elements.