PANCHRYSIA "In Obscure Depths"

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PANCHRYSIA "In Obscure Depths"
  • Album: In Obscure Depths
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: THE LSP
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

A lay out reminding me of "World of Worms", ZYCLON's album, a voice perfectly resembling with IMMORTAL, a Black Metal atmosphere in Norwegian style, lots of modern rhythms, melodiousness and fastness followed by Heavy riffs parts...this should be the sound description of the debutant. All is copied after IMMORTAL, but I can admit in a very successfully manner as the four Belgians are really skilful. It didn't kill me but managed to be quite a cure of nonconformist Black Metal rather brutal and full of negative energies that actually interact with my inner ones having in the end as result a state of satisfying discharging. It is probably an album on the taste of all aggressive Black dependents which shall find appreciation among critics. It is an interesting name for Belgian scene and a debut that might have easily imposed if appeared 5-6 years ago.