PANTHEON - I "The Wanderer And His Shadow"

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PANTHEON - I "The Wanderer And His Shadow"
  • Album: The Wanderer And His Shadow
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Once again Northern Black Metal, yet this time we are dealing with their second album. As I understood, the band was founded by a former 1349 member, which decided to ground his own Epic Atmospheric Black Metal band. Considering the sound, you can immediately spot that they're Norwegians. Trying to find their own identity, they've chosen to use, alongside Metal instruments, a cello too. There are some interesting atmospheric fragments, but also some weary ones, so that the presented Black Metal is one oscillating between the melodious and the super aggressive approach. It is a mix of TAAKE, with 1349 and BORKNAGAR, in a decent yet unoriginal manner. One piece is to be listened for sure: "Coming To An End", where Lazare/SOLEFALD performs as clean vocal.