PAUL CHAIN "Park Of Reason"

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PAUL CHAIN "Park Of Reason"
  • Album: Park Of Reason
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: BEYOND
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Here comes a damn sober and dark music!!! Paul is quite a veteran of Metal scene, already a cult character for Italy and not only, especially due to his activity performed in DEATH SS band. At the age of 40, the musician actually presents 11 complex tracks based on a profound Dark Doom Metal sound with deep roots in BLACK SABBATH, COUNT RAVEN or ST. VITUS. I really don't figure out what success might reach this music on a such pragmatic Metal scene but I find necessary to point it out and to recommend as well listening to this album. This band (practically a solo project even if from time to time there are some guest players invited) actually activates for 23 years now and has a rich discography. This very album features 90 minutes of music with a last track structured in two sequences mono of 15 minutes each. It is rather a too introverted and grave sound for my ears!!! !