Penitent "Deserted Dreams"

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Penitent "Deserted Dreams"
  • Album: Deserted Dreams
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: BEYOND
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Although everybody knew that PENITENT ceased to exist, Karsten Hamre returns with a new album, completely changed from what we knew or expected so far from this project. I don't actually know why, maybe having as residence a Romanian city ( Iasi ) for over a year... has changed and drastically influenced him so that he came to giving up on vocals of any kind transforming PENITENT into an instrumental project. This is a bombastic Dark Ambient, perhaps the most domestic sound so far... based on noises, effects and marches... all controlled and intelligently mastered by PC. The resulted music is well outlined, expressive and reminds of the first material, DENSE VISION SHRINE; with piano tunes alternating between grave and melancholic notes, a weird atmosphere... almost perfect for an opening either of photography art or painting... maybe even for a motion picture! I don't think this material will satisfy the ones who expected/hoped for PENITENT to insist on the melodic or Metal dimension! It is just a pure Dark Ambient album and it will tasty solely to those who constantly are looking forward each release of labels such as: CMI, Dragon Flight, Crowd Control or DFR. Otherwise... my feeling is that for this material the musician was in a massive lack of inspiration.