Penitent "Songs Of Despair"

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Penitent "Songs Of Despair"
  • Album: Songs Of Despair
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: BEYOND
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Impressing!!! This is an album I received almost a year and half ago but then it was in a CD-R version and I remember I did review it but it happens I don't find it. I have an announcement: for those who are used with PENITENT as an Ambient aware, this album is a bomb! Why so? Because the sound based on a melancholic theatrical Dark Metal, oscillates between atmospheric Dark Wave and explosive Industrial. The album takes benefit of a superb voice (Bernt Sunde) guiding the entire atmosphere and a majestic keyboard bursting of melodiousness and expression. Since Karsten is a DEVIL DOLL fan, there are some notable frames reminding of Mr. Doctor both in musical concept and execution. This is the most avant-garde PENITENT album and perhaps the most Metal as well. It is a beauty and a stylistic delight! For PENITENT fans, this album is a real challenge while for the might be a little too experimental...