PENTAGRAM "Turn To Stone"

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PENTAGRAM "Turn To Stone"
  • Album: Turn To Stone
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • United States

These grandfathers of Doom Stone Metal come back in forth, once again, in mass-media attention, but this time with a collection of tracks released under Peaceville banner (there are tracks from their first three albums: "Relentless/Pentagram", "Day Of Reckoning" and "Be Forewarned"). Although the Americans started to play three decades ago, their music still impresses but mostly the ones over the age of 40. I guess there is no point to speak more of this collection since the tracks belong to 1985-1994 period. Moreover, PENTAGRAM has already released, for this year, the last album at Relapse Records, entitled "First Daze Here" and this material is exclusively dedicated to ST. VITUS, CATHEDRAL, and BLACK SABBATH fans... what peaceful times...