PENUMBRA "Seclusion"

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PENUMBRA "Seclusion"
  • Album: Seclusion
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • France

Well, the third album seems to be better than the previous ones. This time, with a different line-up, Dorian, beside other six musicians thrust upon an encouraging replica to the first TRISTANIA albums, maybe not that radical, but the sum of styles mixed here in a discreet score simply is balanced and refined. Warm female vocals (Anita Covelli is back!), male screaming vocals and baritone or clear ones as well, abundant keyboard, Irish bagpipes, flute, inspiration of Bulgarian traditional tunes, symphonic orchestral "fingerprints"... everything sounds so attractive and compelling. Well, it is true that sometimes stylistic diversity risks to get annoying but I assure you that after some auditions you'd get used with the new PENUMBRA and you'd discover there is still about an identity of their own. Nevertheless TRISTANIA or SIRENIA's fans shall definitely be enchanted by this sample of Black Gothic Metal in a French version.