PENUMBRA "The Last Bewitchment"

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PENUMBRA "The Last Bewitchment"
  • Album: The Last Bewitchment
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • France

After the debut album, "Emanate", released at Serenades Records in 1999, PENUMBRA keeps going many gigs and from then, for a period of two years, nobody knows a thing of them until the moment Season Of Mist received a new demo which brought also a new contract. The band massively changes the line-up having now 8 members of which 2 represents female voices, one male voice, an oboe performer, keyboard player and, of course, the rest of Metal instrumentals. Towards the previous album, PENUMBRA emphatically develops the classical feature as the symphonic note smoothly embraces Metal tunes though Gothic forms are the ones that outweigh. Here from it starts the new sound rather pretty complex but not original at all. It is a replica to THERION in a French version, well executed and very catching on the stage! The female voices bring a choral note to the entire sound while the mixture of Metal and Classic is often interrupted by an aggressive angry male voice Gothic Black Metal bands like. It is just modern melodious orchestral Metal with symphonic entertaining rhythms. A coquettish album that evidently reveals the musicians' enthusiasm but still in lack of "that" something...