Peter Bjärgö "A Wave Of Bitterness"

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Peter Bjärgö "A Wave Of Bitterness"
  • Album: A Wave Of Bitterness
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: Kalinkaland
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Are there any fans of the track „Innocent Child”, from the album „Inner Pale Sun”, released by ARCANA six years ago? If the answer is yes, then this CD is the perfect choice for you! The mentor of this Swedish band has put together and recorded in the first months of this year, in his very own studio, a Dark Ambient jewel with pale insertions of other styles too, the most visible of these being the Ethno sounding percussion resembling DEAD CAN DANCE.
It is a replica of what Brendan Perry is doing versus the notorious band he once was part of... that’s how this album can be seen versus the history of ARCANA. In order to be able to listen to this album one needs to be in a particular mood... as the name of the album says everything about the grave, sad, depressing feel it has, of total isolation, dark and sombre at the same time! This is not an album for the masses, not a sound made for those who want to perceive a certain rhythm or melody... it is a lot more dark and introvert than the musical message of ARCANA!

Even more so, in this instance, Peters voice is of fantastic qualities, and the recording and mixing are crystal clear! „Ianua” is an intro that prepares the listeners of what is to come through a somewhat monotonous piano entwined with a shapeless apocalyptic sound. „A Wave Of Bitterness” starts off with some bombastic effects and percussion, pretty repetitive, a positive here being the clean vocals and the choirs introduced in certain instances. „A Choice Of Silence” can easily have you think of the atmosphere from Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun”, a landmark album for the fans of Brendan & Lisa.
More sombre but equally grave seems to be „In Useless Retrospective”, a track where Peters whispered lyrics create an aura of mystery that develops towards the end a cathartic state... „Insomnia” releases a strange aura, reverberant, one that frames an oppressive mood through its instrumental nature, prominent and obsessive to the ears. „VI” is based on Ethno percussion, at times visited by the shy whispers of the artist, a track that resembles the feel of „Le Serpent Rouge” and the entire oriental atmosphere it contoured.
The darkest track, the one with the most introvert message that visibly touches on the first ARCANA albums is „A Slow Wave”, a song that is less than typical and with no outlined dynamic. „Imprisonment of The Mind” is the next on the list, perhaps the most epic and rhythmic track on this album, one that removes the listener from the state of meditation he/she was initially drawn into. Peters voice is more energetic, more bombastic and the background is filled with rhythm and expressiveness... one could say that it is an authentic ARCANA track, a real pleasure to listen to or visualise while performed on stage.

And so that the perplexity is maximised, at the very end, Peter goes for an amazingly slow track, lead by a simple but at the same time, imposing piano, reigned by a sombre voice with a remarkable low tonality that alternates with choral passages and an utterly inspired keyboard. It seems that „Withdrawal” is one of the most beautiful Dark Ambient songs that Peter & ARCANA have ever created! The album needs to be listened to from the beginning and until the end as the established order of the tracks helps sinking into the dark and meditative universe of the infamous artist! Too bad that the album has only 40 minutes, it could have been longer and perhaps with more dynamic, as, if superficially listened to, it could seem dry and lacking variety.

If there is need of getting away from all things menacing, the new material belonging to Peter Bjargo can be the perfect BANDAGE for any breathing thing that has.. or lacks hope! Perhaps the album isn't one to get the maximum points, but considering how the last track sounds, all additional comments are futile!