PLAN E "Best Kept Secret"

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PLAN E "Best Kept Secret"
  • Album: Best Kept Secret
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: My Kingdom Music
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

For such sound...there is one single appropriate term: WEIRDNESS! If this might be translated as Dark, Rock, Wave or Pop, this is really insignificant. Jani Lehtosaari (ex IMPALED NAZARENE) has founded this project eight years ago and reached now the third album of release. Sincerely speaking, I have never ever listened to such a sinister music in my life so far... but there is something that keeps a sentimental timbre... a certain melancholy in their tunes. Imagine how it would sound a music based solely on bass, keyboards, drums (Sir Luttinen) and vocals!? With no guitars... The voice reminds me of Aaron (MY DYING BRIDE) and JOY DIVISON or Nick Cave ... but except such... all is out of time, without rhythm or any other guiding line. I think you will notice some psychedelic influences of the 70's thanks to the keyboard and some electronic elements but all in all it is a kind of Rock rather Dark than else. You should trust me when I tell you this is an album 100% original, with a background inspired both by old Rock and contemporaneous Metal. It is an album hard to be labeled but intriguing and captivating for an audition!