PRIMORDIAL "Storm Before Calm"

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PRIMORDIAL "Storm Before Calm"
  • Album: Storm Before Calm
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Ireland

I do admit I anxiously waited for this new material to come! After "Spirit The Earth Aflame"...I thought that Nemtheanga's Celtic passion would disappear from the musical sphere as the album is rather experimental than Metal while the Folk influences practically dominate the entire sound! I really wanted to know if PRIMORDIAL faded away or not! Well, I can assure you this Irish quintet has returned with a material just perfect for non-conventional Black Metal fans' "digestion"! There is a professional sound; the seven sequences are recorded in Academy Studios beside Mags (MY DYING BRIDE). The epical facet is rather more pronounced than on "Journeys End", the melancholic one reaches from time to time the MCD-" The Burning Season" atmosphere and Black Metal-old version seems to shape itself inside some aggressive passages, reminding me of "Imrama". From another point of view, the new album follows the former one's structure but much more assorted and complex as the voice's inflexions impregnate a personal imprint to the whole sound. It is not about a new music, a certain direction or something out of imagination...but solely PRIMORDIAL, a name which imposes respect because of age and artistic quality attested during past years. Inside such abundance of Black Metal bands, at the beginning of this millennium, Ireland vividly continues to be represented by these five Celtic ancestors. .