PRIMORDIAL "To The Nameless Dead"

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PRIMORDIAL "To The Nameless Dead"
  • Album: To The Nameless Dead
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: METAL BLADE
  • Artist: 
  • Ireland

Well, here we have the veteran Irish band's apogee! I remember the delirious pleasure I used to find some long years ago into listening to "A Journey's End"! This time, Alan Averill, aka Naihmass Nemtheanga & Co, transgressed a higher dimension and succeeded into contouring eight hymns of a rapturous beauty! It is less guttural than before, with a mightier martial touch, more Heavy, less Metal than what we're getting to listen everyday; also, it's more laboriously conceived, scenting of Folk elements finely harmonized with Celtic and Pagan ones, all bombastically framed together on a majestic Epic Black Metal structure, with an obvious improvement in the mixing process comparing with the previous album (but we cannot consider the ultimate finesse in sound mixing). Anyway, PRIMORDIAL fulfilled the most mature album in their history! I was on my way to present you the tracks, one by one, as they worth it entirely, yet I've realized it would be a profanation! The album is a conceptual one, with distinct pieces, at all repetitive, with powerfully expressed elements that have to be enjoyed as a whole and not splitted for the sake of filling rows. If you wish to experience a National Metal (not nationalistic though), than this very album is the best choice you can make! Anyway, I cannot miss into reminding here about two legendary bands whose approach has certainly put a mark on these Irish guys' music: BATHORY and MANOWAR.