PROJECT: FAILING FLESH "A Beautiful Sickness"

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PROJECT: FAILING FLESH "A Beautiful Sickness"
  • Album: A Beautiful Sickness
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Very dynamic, very rhythmic, even explosive from time to time, with modern effects, Electro trends, bombastic keyboards...all of it sounds pretty interesting! This is a very well recorded and mixed sound...exceptionally I'd say...and actually, for the last couple of years, I don't remember to have listened to such a first rate production! I wouldn't say it is Thrash but neither Death nor Power Metal! It is an extreme Metal music of high quality, which makes the adrenaline higher...and determines you to climb the tables...climb the trees...!!! The American style is really en vogue and those who listened to VOIVOD or E-FORCE have the chance to hear Eric Forrest here as well! The album includes a very brutal aggressive VENOM cover-version...pretty much in the tone with the rest of the album!