PSICORRAGIA "La Pasion de Lo Mortal"

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PSICORRAGIA "La Pasion de Lo Mortal"
  • Album: La Pasion de Lo Mortal
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Mexico

Coming exactly from Mexico, this band wishes to promote classical Doom Death Metal but in a version partially original as regional influences leave their marks on this band's tunes. We can hear guitars' solos, a throaty screamed depressive voice from time to time interrupted by a simple female one, violin, keyboard and all kind of traditional instruments...otherwise just the usual metal contour. The sound reminds me of the first TRISTITIA album but I think that the aggressiveness of the voice breaks through that peculiar atmosphere and depression or sadness are now differently outlined...paler yet still present. Let us be indulgent with this debut and hope for the future to bring their own inspiration into the musical orientation they have chosen.