PUISSANCE "Grace Of God"

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PUISSANCE "Grace Of God"
  • Album: Grace Of God
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Few albums have enraptured me lately! This particular CD is an incredibly inspired one, full of charm, deserving all your attention, despite the mixture between Industrial and Gothic that is not original. Even though there are plenty of Martial-Pop or Neo-Classical elements in the music of the two, comparing to the previous Soderlund and Moller's works, these eight compositions enhance the voices, the melodic line and the atmosphere. Saying that Martial Industrial can sound bombastic and melancholic at the same time seems odd to me too, but trust me, that's the exact experience when listening to it! The voices are calm and saturated in expressivity, the choral effects unveil a particular beauty, and the entire album oscillates between a DER BLUTHARSCH or IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES but it has a more martial tonality, plus there are certain scents of DERNIERE VOLONTE or the recent ROME. It's a pity that this duet hasn't succeeded into getting a more serious offer from CMI, so that they've been swinging during their ten years of activity via Fluttering Dragon or Regain, and now came to the point of starting on Portuguese land.

The previous albums "Let Us Lead" and "Back in Control" have been reedited now at Equilibrium, in a much more elegant version. An extraordinary album, maybe not as imposing and dynamic as the former ones, yet full of harmony and unique atmosphere. So, after an excellent Black Metal album released ten years ago under the name PARNASSUS, Fredrik Soderlund has now created a new masterpiece, this time a Gothic Industrial one.