•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.68/1
  • Album: Necrofil
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: AXA VALAHA
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Malicious denomination and ugly titles for the tracks! Robert, Claudiu and Hannibal perform on this album five EXTREME, Death Grind ultra brutal and ultra rapid, in a demonic duet, with simple guitars and less inflections and no time for taking a breathe. It is a kind of music I often used to listen to at least ten years ago and I still pleasantly do. Perhaps the age and the inner mood do not permit such tantalizations for an audition anymore. I would be glad to write more about this band from Arad but there are so few tracks and rather very short. Although the orientation and performing parts of the three are rather linear, the intensity and violence of sound (for which I have only good regards) might preserve something interesting for the future, of course, not for my musical preferences but for those who are mad about extreme lyrics and music. Until that time, I really do not think it is worth to pay 5 Euro for just seven minutes of anguish... or maybe it is, just because the MCD is released in only 100 samples. Nosferatu666@k.ro.