PUTREFACTION "Descending Purity"

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PUTREFACTION "Descending Purity"
  • Album: Descending Purity
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

This is INDIAN FALL in Death Metal version! It is, if you prefer, the brutal project belonging to members of Brasov's band while Andrei Calmuc is the one who performs at guitar, bass, keyb, drums programming and voice besides Cristian Opinca and Adrian Vitanescu guitar players. I don't undersatnd why was it desired for this band existence to be continued under certain conditions of which even in Romania death Metal ceased to be a fashion any more! Perhaps Andrei's "aggressive" side required an expressing action and also a status of not ending an activity started some time ago. PUTREFACTION insists on that traditional Death Metal, with throaty angry voice, guitars in GORGUTS or CANNIBAL CORPSE manner, seldom interrupted by a modern keyboard and processings with a pale tendancy to Black Metal. I am sure that, a few years ago, PUTREFACTION could have gained a special interest with this demo since, not taking in account that the sound has not a reasonable shade of originality, well, the compositions and performance are indeed to be praised. Unfortunately, I cannot affirm this product touched me, although a first audition was really satisfying. There is too much of classical Death Metal for this scene. Another good point is the recording quality if we only take notice is just a demo. But I must admit this material might be a potential pleasant surprise for this extreme Metallic supporters!